Vural Kural
Founder&CEO, Sustainable Milling Solutions(SMS)
Executive Secretary and Treasurer, IAOM Eurasia

I have pariticipated actively decision making process in business consulting both in public and private sectors and key player in this respect. I have reviewed and developed new implementations strategies with respect to the sectoral policies for several sectors and followed up macroeconomic and financial strategies in the government and tried to improve the investment environment both domestic and foreign investors. Devoted some time to promote the sectoral policies not only to Government but also foreign business community, civil society organizations, NGOs and to advice business consulting, sectoral&financial analysis, and industry policy formulations.

I am also chief editor for bi-weekly bulletin and quarterly journals and responsible for communication/media relations/digital platforms and promotions. I have also used social media channels and arranged media/press brifings. I have experienced PR agencies. I have also prepared succinct reports and minutes of discussions and extensive experience in reporting. I am professional on event management and prepared international congress&exhibition&opening ceremony, including high level invitation. During my experience in TOBB, I have worked with the sectoral assemblies with regard to many sectors. I am also event manager, orginizing international congress and exhibition around the World.

My experience also extends to the development of effective organizational frameworks to enable monitoring and the strategic management of the economic development. I have also assisted policy makers and executives for the development and strengthening of government and private sector institutions, banking supervision, performed due diligence and the promotion of economic policies and sectoral framework through the provision of advanced quantitative analysis, the design of statistical databases, developing training programs, and restructuring advice. I have taken responsibility for organizing conferences and seminers for sectoral gathering and participated the meetings and platforms that are the effective dialogue mechanisms between government, traders and international partners.

I worked as Assistant Director in the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, as Deputy Director General in the Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury and Foreign Trade, as Head of Department in the Union of Chamber and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, as Member of Board of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, as Research Coordinator in Privatization Agency, as Lecturer and Research Asistant at Bilkent and E.Michigan University respectively.

I implemented the Privatization Social Support Project (PSSP) with the World Bank as Project team Leader. PSSP was designed in support of broader objectives of economic and development assistance to the Government of Turkey as laid out in the Country Assistance Strategy (CAS), the existent economic reform program (ERP) and the related Economic Reform Loan (ERL).

I have graduated from E.Michigan University, U.S.A. and joined Ph.D. Programs in American University in U.S.A. and Middle East Technical University in Turkey. I have taken graduate sholarships and fellowships by Universities in U.S.A. and IMF/Word Bank in turn and accorded honorable mention Status by Turkish Government.

I have worked as Secretary General of Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation(TUSAF) and and now Executive Secretary and Treasurer for International Associations of Operative Millers, (IAOM) Eurasia and provides consultancy services as a CEO in SMS.

Via either my portfolio TUSAF or IAOM-Eurasia, I would provide more broad network by developing & implementing services, and expansion of regional market strategy, coordinating and managing in Eurasia region, as experience with working groups and events, project management, monitoring and reporting . Grain producers, millers, ingredients firms, logistic, machinery, technology and lab companies, research institutions, universities, public and private sector based NGOs are also in my knowledge and network.